About Points

Registration is FREE and you can use the credit Points system on the site to -

  • bid for prospects listed by other advisors that match your skills and expertise
  • pay subscriptions to various services and upgrades
  • promote yourself on the site to businesses and other advisors looking for skilled project members

It’s easy to earn points by -

  • listing unproductive contacts with needs that don’t match your skills
  • promoting the network to other advisors

I recommend that you also check out the free options on the For Advisors page before worrying too much about how the credit Points system can grow your advisory practise.

Soon there will be other functions for credit points, including purchasing advertising, training, posting blogs for small businesses and much more.

You are encouraged to earn credit points, however if you still don’t have quite enough points, you can always topup your balance by purchasing points at any time using the major credit cards.

Points Pricing – don’t forget to check how to earn points

No. of points Price per point Price
100 points $1.50 / point $150.00
200 points $1.39 / point $278.57
400 points $1.29 / point $514.29
800 points $1.18 / point $942.86
1,600 points $1.07 / point $1,714.29
3,200 points $0.96 / point $3,085.71
6,400 points $0.86 / point $5,485.71
12,800 points $0.75 / point $9,600.00

Only Registered Advisors and Registered Affiliates can purchase points.

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