Why was this site started and why should you apply to be registered?

“We all know someone in the 80% of small businesses that failed in their first few years and felt the pain and suffering of that failure.  Yet there are 1,000′s of Advisors that could have helped! And, just to make it more frustrating, many Advisors struggle to find and engage with the businesses that need the help and match their skills.
This is the passion that drives me….”
Peter Hall – Founder (About the Founder)

The site was created site to provide a channel between professional advisors that have expertise and businesses that need that specific expertise and guidance.

The organisation is a not for profit, run by volunteers and funded by donations and subscriptions. Our mission is to help YOU find new consulting prospects, engage them in real advisory work and deliver YOUR expertise.

Where is the Business Advisor Network?

The Business Advisor Network now global across 19 countries and exists on the web platform and advisor portal …

  • is an open platform for member based organisations of professional advisors to use at no cost
  • is NOT a consultancy group that engages clients but helps you engage them yourself
  • does NOT take any share of your fees as a professional advisor
  • is NOT expecting to replace the referral process a professional uses to find assistance for their active clients.
  • is a tool for you to do more with less and enjoy providing advisory support to business

Why was the online platform started?

For some time I have been asking every advisor I meet “Where does your new work come from?” Over 90% say they rely on referrals to generate prospects for work, BUT only about 2% actually promote, track or manage their prospect flow.

Most advisors also try to find new work by either networking, cold calling or waiting for prospects from existing clients. At the same time building unproductive lists of contacts that don’t even match their skills. We began successfully trading prospects several years ago using email and this led to the current online trading platform.
Business Advisor Network launched this web platform for Registered Advisors to trade prospects in February 2012 and to connect professional advisors with businesses that need your expertise.

Can you imagine how much more real work you would have with the best tools to Find, Engage and Deliver to your clients?

Our philosophy…

Find:Finding new Prospects is the first step to sustainable work as a professional advisor. This is the stage you can access now and is delivered using the Prospects Trading Platform and by building your profile to market yourself effectively on the Advisor Directory.

Engage: Next, you need to engage these Prospects in meaningful long term work. Well, some of us are better at engaging clients than others and as I have discovered it is something you can learn. As the Network grows we are partnering to deliver an online solution, that systemises the client engagement process and gives you a far more reliable connection to the client.

Deliver: This is where your core expertise comes to the front! We are all experts at something and the challenges come when we get lured into areas that are not our expertise. Now you can use the power of the Network to find an expert, your clients will be grateful and your own engagement will be more sustained.

Network: Use the power of the brainstrust of advisors to solve that issue for your client, like access a foreign market, find a contact, share information about new consulting models, and so much more….

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