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An Open Platform for Member-based Professional Advisor Organisations and Alumni(Groups)

We provide a free platform for advisor groups to add value to their membership…

  • Access for your organisation and your members is secure and a private to group members
  • You control the administration of your own group
  • Give your members access to what they want – real work opportunities
  • Equitably distribute work opportunities to your members exclusively
  • Market your organisation, as providing access to work opportunities, to potential new members
  • Easy way to promote exclusive communication between your members
  • Retain members for longer by providing additional value
  • Showcase your organisation directly to other potential members
  • special subscription rates for the prospects trading platform

As a member-based organisation of professional advisors you can now provide real work opportunities for your members. Being listed on our Group directory shows that your organisation is serious about providing a practical and competitive edge to your members.
Register now as an Advisor, its free, but ask your organisation if they have a special rate for their members on the Business Advisor Network platform.

Apply to register your organisation – it’s free.

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