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Case Study – Prospect converts to real consulting work in 48 hours


A prospect was traded a few days ago on the Prospects Trading Platform with the heading “Medical nutritionist needs help to set up online business” and this was the response from the advisor that received the prospect.

[Gary said] “How simple can it be…?
After completing my profile including my specialist skills in the Business Advisors Directory, I received an email notification regarding the availability of a prospect matching my specialist skills. I follow the link in the email and read about the opportunity – perfect….”

“All I had to do was log into the Prospect Trading Portal and place a bid using the points that I had already earned through activity on the BAN website. Within 24 hours I receive a notification that I am the winning bid along with the contact details for the prospect. I phone the prospect who was expecting my call and ran through their requirements. The client is 300km away but agrees that the assistance and work can be delivered remotely. A scope of works was agreed upon and an upfront invoice for the work was sent and paid within 48 hours.”

“A quality prospect that has converted into a long term engagement. What more could you want as a Consultant?”

Gary Weis, Online Marketing & Web Design Specialist
Small Business Internet Marketing

Thanks Gary for your demonstration of how easy it can be to get the relevant prospects that match your specialist skills.

Below is the actual prospect data that was provided during the auction:

Location: Burringbar, NSW
Staff Numbers: 1
Industry: Professional services
Turnover Range: Unknown
Business Structure: Traditional (Account Based)
Business Operated Hours Per Week: 30-39 hours per week
Business Location: Regional
Business Started or Purchased: Started
Business Opening Year: 2012
Has used external advisors: No
Key Business Issues: A medical nutritionist with a history as a dental nurse has written a book about dental related solutions. She has the beginnings of a web business for the marketing and distribution of the book, action plan and consulting that results. She needs assistance with business and strategic planning, website development, writing web content, etc. She realises that she is a good nutritionist but know very little about business.
She also realises that investment is required to achieve her business aspirations. She is seeking professional guidance, coaching, mentoring and general business assistance.


2 Responses to “Case Study – Prospect converts to real consulting work in 48 hours”

  1. Hi Gary,
    Yes, this type of referral is a very remote possibility but usually completely out of the advisors control. Referrals typically only come from your active clients and are usually not when you need them most.
    Converting inactive client prospects to ones that specifically match your skills profile AND have identified that they want help raises the probability of converting prospects to real work.

  2. Let’s all not forget that each and every prospect has the power of referral. A prospect not sold might be the prospect that leads you to a sale to someone you would never have accessed and with a level of credibility you could not achieve another way.

    • Gary
    • Reply

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