For Advisors

Registration is free – and once your application is assessed you will be notified. All Advisors start as a Registered Advisor and the benefits of becoming a Registered Advisor are detailed below.

After registration assessment, our current offer includes upgrade to Registered Affiliate with no ongoing commitment for your first month. Registered Affiliates have access to the points system for getting consulting referral prospects on the referrals trading platform.

Am I Eligible?

Registered Advisors have;

  • Significant executive level business experience
  • University level educational qualifications preferred
  • Business ownership experience also considered
  • All Advisors applications are assessed and not all are accepted.


Finding Clients That Match Me

  • We match profiles of businesses in need with your profile as an advisor
  • You can trade your contacts that don’t match your skills and expertise
  • Matching increases new client engagement rates to over 80%
  • Points based trading system that makes getting new prospects free


Why Create A Profile

  • Your profile is what we compare to businesses that need help
  • Your profile includes private content we just use for matching and public content to showcase your expertise and attract Prospects
  • You can also define your “ideal” client in your profile.

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